Zia loved Iskandar and you may Iskandar cared for Zia, treating her just like the their own child

Iskandar is the simply friends Zia possess actually ever recognized. Whenever Zia was 7 yrs . old, Zia’s community was lost, and you will Iskandar receive the woman and you can got the girl in the. Zia destroyed their memory, but Iskandar exhibited her the newest thoughts from the lady old lives.

Whenever Iskandar learned that she are holding Nephthys, Iskandar was most worried about the woman and you may chose to lay the girl for the a good sarcophagus within the lady old village to guard the girl away from becoming put to help you death, and you will authored a good Shabti sorts of the woman to hide evidence. Iskandar provided their hopes for Apophis and you will provided this lady Ra’s thief and you may flail showing the girl the lady aim of holding Ra.

In the red Pyramid, whenever Shabti Zia revealed Iskandar died, she are devastated. The actual Zia about Throne regarding Flame was also very devastated and you may sobbed in the development.

Zia never ever know the woman mothers, because they passed away whenever she try seven and you will she had no memories out-of the lady previous lifestyle, but Iskandar exhibited the woman images and informed stories regarding their nearest and dearest, and you may Zia remaining an excellent shrine on it.


Whenever Shabti Zia and you may Sadie Kane basic satisfied, both were most frustrated along and failed to particularly one another. Zia tend to clicked within Sadie and Sadie considered that Zia are annoying, but teased Carter Kane for having a good smash on her behalf. Sadie also did not trust Zia and you can believe she wasn’t on the front side. The 2 did not be partners up to Zia help save Sadie the secret label of Set, “Worst Big date”.

Sadie plus failed to instance what Iskandar performed so you’re able to the woman inside the the sarcophagus, compassionate in the Zia’s well being

In the Throne off Fire, the real Zia came across Sadie additionally the one or two got together extremely quick, that have Sadie persuading Zia one to Carter and you can Bes was partners and you can to-side using them against Vladimir Menshikov and you will Apophis. Zia informed Carter just after the guy woke up one to Sadie is actually admirable and you will a great diplomat, pleasing Sadie. Sadie and you can Zia along with played a game title out-of echte Hahnrei Singles Dating-Seite Senet that have Bes and you may Walt Stone.

Throughout the Serpent’s Shadow, the 2 had become best friends and you can partners, confiding during the each other. Sadie considered that Zia searched sex-right up when she watched the lady on First Nome and did not tease the woman from the Carter preference her. The 2 went along to Sunny Miles Assisted-Life style Community and you can Zia advised Sadie from the this lady blackouts, Ra becoming caught up in the human body, and you can hosting Ra, anything she just informed Amos Kane. Zia and informed Sadie about how precisely Amos was planning to host Put. At the conclusion of the book, the two are incredibly close one Sadie requested Zia to keep during the Brooklyn House or apartment with them.

In the Brooklyn Household Magician’s Guidelines, Zia had alarmed just after viewing a great “Let Wished” indication and you may instantly decided to go to find Sadie.

Zia and Amos found for the first time in the red Pyramid when Amos defended their against Michel Desjardins. not, Zia did not believe Amos since she you will feel which he had been had of the Put, and you may offered Sadie Set’s magic identity to utilize in order to overcome Amos, angering Sadie. Yet not, Zia turned into proper.

On Throne out-of Flame, Sadie confident Zia to think Amos and you will Zia chose to let your defend Brooklyn Home facing Sarah Jacobi and you can Kwai, and you can noticed him since the an ally. Zia went back to your First Nome in the Egypt to help him and you will cover your from the rebels. The 2 turned close along side days, which have Zia confiding within the him regarding the Ra and her blackouts, and you may Amos advising their throughout the holding Set-to overcome Apophis, gravely worrying the lady. The two including discussed battle and you may protections, safeguarding our home out-of Life. Amos wound-up giving Zia a chance of normal life into the Brooklyn, exhibiting how much cash they manage both.