Eharmony Is The Best Dating Site For Seniors 50 And Over – Here’s Why

Finding love has always been difficult. With more people going online, swiping left and right, looking for a one night stand or short term fun – online dating can be exhausting. If you’re looking for a great match who wants something more serious or long-term, though, then eHarmony is your best bet. This dating site is perfect for seniors 50 and over who are looking to find their match.

eHarmony has always had a reputation for matching its member with substantial matches. 71% of its female users met their spouse on eHarmony within a year of using it; this holds for 69% of its male users. Studies have shown that 542 people get married daily after meeting on eHarmony and only 3.86% of the overall population get a divorce.

eHarmony’s Secret To Finding Your Match: Compatability Quiz

eHarmony does its best to filter your match from thousands of members to people you may get along based on your communication style, everyday life, behavior in a relationship, and personality traits. You will be matched with someone who shares your interests within your geographical scope. So, whether you’re a single senior in Florida or a single senior in San Francisco, eHarmony will help find the best person for you.

The Compatability Quiz has a total of 80 questions (open-ended and multiple-choice) which can be answered in as little as 20 minutes. Follow your instinct when answering and be as honest as possible. The analysis will be available on your dashboard under “Personality Profile.” You can always retake the test, but experts recommend that you stick to your first results instead. Try it now for free.

All eHarmony members must take the quiz; the site’s algorithm then determines your compatibility and converts them into points ranging from 60 to 140. You then go through your list of matches and see where each of them ranks. For people who score 110+, that means you guys are an excellent match!

These are the matches that you should converse with first – it could lead to a memorable first date! Matches with scores between 100 to 109 are worth taking a look at! Check out their profiles, and you may find a thing or two in common. Finally, matches with a score between 60 to 99 are people you have base-level compatibility with. Don’t be fooled, though, and still reach out, who knows, miracles do happen!

What Are the Four Aspects the Compatibility Quiz Tests?

eHarmony goes beyond the superficial and doesn’t let its members match based on someone’s look. They understand their members are looking for real love, so they’re on the lookout for authentic and more in-depth compatibility. This will allow your friendship and relationship to be built on a solid foundation of complementary values, beliefs, practices, and personality traits. Try it now for free.

1munication Style

Seeing that being to communicate efficiently and effectively is a must for any successful relationship, eHarmony helps to match you with someone who can complement or follow the way you communicate. This aspect is determined by how you spoke with your parents or guardians while growing up, and how it affects you now.

2. Personality Traits

This part of the compatibility quiz evaluates your level of empathy, your logic versus instinct, and your amount of self-control, which is why you need to answer this portion as honestly as possible. This will significantly affect your matches as the quiz wants to pair you with an individual who shares the same values.

3. How You Behave In A Relationship

This part of the quiz helps determine how you relate to your environment and the different people in your life. Are you the type of friend or partner who sees the glass half empty or half full? Are you shy or outgoing? These are some of the things that eHarmony takes into consideration when helping find your perfect match.

4. Your Everyday Life

When looking for a match, you want someone who can seamlessly fit into your life – whether it be doing household chores, with regards to your schedule, and other life choices. This is why the compatibility quiz checks if you’re adventurous or domestic, active or sedentary, conventional or unconventionally, one for routines or are someone who appreciates spontaneity, and more.

What Are eHarmony’s Success Rates?

Real relationships should never be rushed and should never be based on external factors, which would explain eHarmony’s in-depth compatibility quiz and membership plans. The dating site for seniors wants you to take all the time you need to get to know your potential partner and equips you with the necessary features. Which begs the question, how well does eHarmony work for couples?

eHarmony has been in the business for 20 years, has 37 million members, and spans across 200 countries. Currently, there are around 15,000 individuals who fill out the compatibility quiz daily in the hopes of finding the love of their lives. According to an interview with the Wall Street Journal, there are 15 million matches made a day. Try it now for free.

There are 2.3 million messages sent weekly, highlighting a flurry of activity as people try to get to know each other, hoping they can settle down. Out of that number, 542 people get married daily because of eHarmony, with 71% of eHarmony’s female membership finding their spouse on the site within a year; the same goes for 69% of its male members.

According to a survey, nearly 4% of US marriages result from couples meeting on eHarmony. Most of these couples stay together, with only a measly 3.86% divorcing than the national US divorce rate of around 50%. The statistics speak for themselves. If you’re ready to take a leap of faith and to find “The One” online, then sign up with eHarmony now.

What Are the eHarmony Membership Options?

Are you ready to find true love – if you are, then you have a few more steps to go. First things first, sign up for an eHarmony membership. There are two types that you can choose from, the basic membership and the premium subscription. With the basic membership, you get unlimited matches, the ability to send and receive smiles, ice breakers, and greetings. You can also browse anonymously and see who checked you out. Try it now for free.

Once you’re familiar with the layout, you may want to increase your chances of finding “The One” by subscribing to the Premium membership. Here, you get unlimited matches, enhanced search features, you can view all of your matches photos, and more importantly, you get unlimited communication! Since it takes a while to get to know if someone is for you, Premium memberships are 6, 12 or 24-month plans.

eHarmony is the best dating site for seniors 50 and over who are looking for real love and relationships. If you’re looking for your match, then sign-up today!